The mining industry is critical to providing metals and minerals essential to modern society. However, mining operations can have a significant impact on the environment. At Xstreco, we recognize the importance of protecting the environment and are committed to restoring areas affected by our mining activities. Our commitment to being a responsible and sustainable mining company drives us to implement various measures to minimize our environmental footprint.

Here are some of the initiatives Xstreco is implementing to restore the environment around our mines:


We plant trees and vegetation in areas affected by mining to help restore the natural ecosystem and provide habitat for wildlife.

Soil Stabilization:

Mining can disrupt the natural composition of the soil, leading to instability and increased susceptibility to erosion. We use a variety of techniques to stabilize the soil, prevent erosion and maintain the integrity of the land.

Water Management:

Our operations prioritize careful water management to minimize the impact on local water sources. We ensure that water used in our mining processes is treated and returned to the environment in a safe and responsible manner.

Environmental Monitoring:

We regularly monitor the air, water and soil around our mines. This vigilance allows us to identify potential environmental concerns and take corrective action as necessary.