As a progressive mining company, Xstreco recognizes the importance of engaging local communities in our operations. We understand that to be successful and make a positive impact, we must listen and respond to the needs of the communities in which we operate. Our commitment includes addressing concerns and respecting local laws, customs, culture and the environment.

To engage local communities, we conduct extensive research prior to commencing operations in a particular area to identify potential impacts our activities may have on the community. These impacts can be positive, such as creating employment opportunities and stimulating the local economy, or negative, such as displacing indigenous people or causing environmental damage. In cases of negative impacts, we strive to mitigate and proactively address them, and we support communities through initiatives focused on education, health and sustainability.

In addition to funding these initiatives, we also contribute to local economies through small-scale mining operations. At Xstreco, our long-standing relationships with South American communities reflect our commitment to being an active and engaged community member throughout the life cycle of a mine.By actively engaging with local communities, we not only create a positive impact, but also build strong, lasting partnerships that benefit all parties. Our commitment to community engagement ensures that the communities we work with share in our success and enjoy the lasting benefits of our operations.