Zinc is a bluish-white metal known for its corrosion-resistant properties. It is widely used in galvanizing, alloys, and various industrial applications.


Zinc, denoted by the symbol Zn and with an atomic number of 30, has been an essential metal in human endeavors for centuries. Its primary allure lies in its anti-corrosive properties, which have made it the metal of choice for galvanizing processes, ensuring the longevity of steel and iron products by providing a protective layer against environmental factors.

Beyond galvanizing, zinc finds extensive use in the creation of various alloys, such as brass, enhancing the properties of other metals. It also plays a crucial role in the battery industry, particularly in the production of zinc-carbon batteries. Additionally, zinc is vital for human health, being an essential trace element necessary for various biological processes.

In the realm of mineral extraction, zinc often coexists with other metals in ore deposits. Notably, during copper mining operations, zinc can be found and extracted alongside copper. This simultaneous extraction is advantageous for mining entities, allowing them to diversify their metal output and maximize the economic value of their operations. Xstreco, with its expansive mining ventures, often encounters zinc as a concurrent product during its copper extraction processes. This not only bolsters Xstreco's metal portfolio but also underscores the company's commitment to efficient and sustainable mining practices, ensuring that no valuable resource goes unutilized.