Focusing on sustainable practices, the company grew through strategic alliances, diversifying its services, and emphasizing community engagement and environmental standards.


In 2019, Xstreco initiated its journey under Swiss Aerosports, based in Switzerland, a key hub for commodity and mining businesses. The company initially focused on developing management frameworks and manuals for the aviation industry, known for its rigorous compliance requirements. This first year was crucial in establishing the foundation for Xstreco's sustainable operations.

In 2020, Xstreco embarked on a significant evolution, rebranding its Swiss Aerosports division to BD Group Swiss. This move broadened its service offerings beyond aviation and Switzerland. Concurrently, Xstreco established a collaborative relationship with a Spanish-based mining company that had been in operation for over four decades. This new cooperative venture, led by owner Nicolas Ehrminger and his management team, marked a strategic shift in Xstreco's direction and expanded its focus to include the mining of metals and minerals.

Following this rebranding and collaboration, Xstreco entered a period of vigorous integration and expansion. The company spent nearly a year updating its bylaws, bolstering compliance measures, and adopting modern, eco-friendly practices. This phase allowed Xstreco to leverage its management team's combined expertise, uncovering new growth and diversification opportunities. The company particularly aimed to strengthen its role in the mining sector, with an emphasis on South America.

In the subsequent years, Xstreco entered an expansion phase characterized by forming strategic alliances, increasing production capabilities, diversifying its product line, and extending its global reach. The company concurrently focused on enhancing safety, social, and environmental standards, and engaging with communities, including partnerships with indigenous populations.

Actively seeking new collaborations and reinforcing existing relationships, Xstreco ventured into new markets and established extensive mining operations through joint ventures and cooperative developments.


Nicolas Ehrminger


Chief Executive Officer



Nicolas Ehrminger is a dedicated and results-oriented leader, committed to fostering growth and innovation. His service in the military, highlighted by his achievements as a qualified athlete and aerobatic pilot, has instilled in him a strong sense of discipline and leadership.

Transitioning to the field of compliance and regulation, Nicolas has exhibited remarkable proficiency. At Xstreco, he has been instrumental in advancing cutting-edge infrastructure, particularly in the areas of compliance, administration, and sustainability.

Nicolas' unwavering dedication to excellence is a reflection of his esteemed family heritage. His great-grandfather, Johannes Nestler, a pioneering mining engineer who graduated from the prestigious "Bergakademie" in Freiberg, Germany, in 1926, established a family legacy deeply rooted in the mining industry. Upholding this legacy, Nicolas is dedicated to perpetuating the family’s tradition of excellence and innovation in the mining sector, while also embracing modern principles of compliance and sustainability.


Antonio Espada


Managing Director for Development



Antonio Espada discovered his passion for engineering and technology at an early age. He began his career at companies such as CASA and Aeroterwia, developing innovative thermo-mechanical solutions.

His talent and dedication led to promotions and industry recognition.‍ After military service, Antonio Espada joined IPIAC, a Brazilian and Paraguayan company specializing in the production of mining machinery. His expertise helped him rise through the ranks and play a critical role in the company's success. In the early 2000s, he moved to Ecuador to establish MIMADER SA, his third mining company.

Despite challenges, his leadership helped MIMADER become a leader in Ecuador's mining industry.‍ Returning to Spain, he founded and managed several metallurgical companies, continuing to innovate and grow the industry. With over 30 years of experience in the mining of metals and minerals, Antonio Espada is a respected authority in the field and has contributed significantly to its growth and development.